Describe the type of student who should attend University of North Dakota. Why?



A determined student who cares about their education should attend UND. More importantly the kind of person that should attend UND should be familiar with a slower small town America lifestyle. It is a very safe and comfortable place to live every one is friendly and your neighbors are your friends.

Anonymous, Student, University of North Dakota, Class of 2017

Being one of the top colleges, if not the best, in North Dakota, it is a competitive college to gain entrance into. One looking to attend the University of North Dakota should boast an impressive high school GPA and community involvement. With the small town of Grand Forks being a tight and close area, involvement within the community is equally important as previous grades. Having completed high school and a state college, graduating among the top of my class and receiving prestigious scholarships,I can personally attend to the difficulties within UND. The student should be highly motivated and willing to put in time and dedication towards ones classes. The professors are very skilled and are extremely dedicated to assisting students, but one should not rely on constant aid in passing. The student should be prepared for hard work, difficult exams, and dedication towards earning their desired degree.

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