Which 3 extracurricular activities at Westminster High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Westminster High School, Class of 2016

3 extracurricular activities are sports (basketball, football, volleyball etc.) YLA (youth and leadership) and link. I would strongly recommend link crew. Link crew was the first club I've gotten involved in, its like you're in this family that will always be there for you. I was able to meet tons of new people and created long lasting friendships.

Anonymous, Student, Westminster High School, Class of 2016

Football, basketball, and ASB. I would recommend doing the smaller clubs if you aren't a Grade A athlete or a person that has time to do volunteer hours.

Anonymous, Student, Westminster High School, Class of 2016

Anonymous, Student, Westminster High School, Class of 2015

     Within the school of Westminster High School there are many activities and clubs to join one for everyone. I recommend the 3 most popular activities within the school are Student Government, Link Crew, and joining a sport teams. Each extracurricular is different are super fun to be a part of and everyone loves them.  
    The Student Government Council are the ones in charge with the events and planning within the school is looking for. Without the bodies of student government there wouldn't be any prom or any important dates highers are looking forwards to. Everyone in student government enjoyed being part in a group where there's team union and hard working together. Each persons has a job to do, no one is left out. Student Government brings everyone from different groups and clicks together making the school better as one. 
 Link Crew is where only juniors and seniors can only be a part of. The lower classmates would have to wait for their turn. Link Crew is a group of people how welcomes on coming freshmen into high school. Where we tell them that high school is not a bad place. High school is where you find new friends and learn a little about yourself. The Link crew just makes your first step into high school a bit easier to take in. The Link crew just doesn't do that, they are also running small groups as leaders in the school. When ever the staffs are looking for help running an event the look for Link Crew members. Within the two years being in a crew everyone is like family. We all have each other backs and look out for any one in needs. 
  Going out for a sport team even if you're bad trying is all that matters. Having a group of people sharing pain and sweat with you pushing you through the hardest part makes you try harder. Just knowing a other person there with you would make you enjoy it more. Being on a team means you guys are a family now a no one will let you do. Win or lose a team is always going to stick together til the end. Having someone by your side makes it easier for you through high school. Sports makes a person feel better inside and out. Knowing the feeling of hard work is and bring that to the adult world. 
  Westminster High School has many different extracurricular, but the most popular ones are Student Government, Link crew, and joining a team sport. Each one of these makes you become a better person and everyone enjoys being in each of these clubs. I highly recommend these clubs to any one.
Anonymous, Student, Westminster High School, Class of 2018

Key Club; National Honor Society; Academic Decathlon. I would recommend Academic Decathlon because it is such a great experience to meet new people and work as a team to achieve the very goal that we all work towards.

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