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What is a typical Erie High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Erie High School.


Anonymous, Student, Erie High School, Class of 2016

The typical Erie High School student is welcoming to everyone that attends. Also, very nice and honest which are key qualities to our school. The type of person that should attend Erie High School has to be generous to all and absorbent to all of the new trends that Erie High has to offer. A student that should attend Erie High has to be prideful to be an Erie Tiger because at our school, we believe that a strong school/ community support raises the standard to school spirit.

Anonymous, Student, Erie High School, Class of 2016

Being based in a rural community, your typical student is going to be someone with a strong agricultural background, or at least someone who knows what a tractor and combine are. Living in a small town, they are going to be large fans of sports as well. You will see them every Friday night at the football field in the fall cheering on the home team. Your typical student will also be famous in the community. With a small student body (180 students this past year), there are plenty of opportunities for you to make it into the paper. Whether from making a club office, getting on the honor roll, or participating in a sport, there is always students in the local newspaper. Erie High School students are also driven to making their community a better place. They are proud of their hometown. As Dorothy once said, "There is no place like Erie, Kansas (home)."

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