Describe the type of student who should attend Dupont Manual High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Dupont Manual High School, Class of 2016

A student who is able to adjust quickly to their surroundings. With it being taught in the college format a student who is focused strongly on academics will succeed well. It does help you prepare for college in an astounding way. I feel a lot more confident entering a bigger pond than other students in my new graduating class. A student who can get along well and accept all kinds of people is very important in this school. I'm not talking about race, but accepting people for their choices in life. The way they dress themselves and the way the act. It's what I imagined high school to be like. Jocks, emos, preppies, etc. However, the one thing I find highly unique about this school; is how nonjudgmental everyone is. Though academics is very important, we also have intense feelings towards athletics. Being a part of one of the nations longest rivals also leads to everyone in the school being more welcoming and closer.

Anonymous, Student, Dupont Manual High School, Class of 2016

If a student is considering applying for admission to DuPont Manual, he or she must be an extremely determined student. It is an expectation of students at Manual to have a rigorous course schedule, and to take these classes seriously. There are hours of homework assigned every night, so students at this school must know when it is time to buckle-down, and when it is time to relax and take it easy. If one wishes to participate in sports in high school, one must seriously consider the focus and diligence one must possess in order to be successful in sports and academics.

Anonymous, Student, Dupont Manual High School, Class of 2018

Students who are motivated, self-directed, and love to learn should go to Manual High School. Manual is a magnet school with programs such as Journalism and Communications, Visual Arts, Math Science, Science, and Technology, the Youth Performing Arts School, and High School University (for students who are focused on college readiness). Because of the magnet program, most all students who attend the school WANT to be there and are actually engaged. Students with wide varieties of interests would thrive here because of the plethora of clubs and endless number of electives. For those who are really high-achieving, out of the 36 Advanced Program courses that the College Board has improved, Manual offers 32. So really, there's something for everyone. Any student who is willing to put in the work and explore lots of different things should definitely attend Manual High School.

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