Describe the type of student who should attend Southland College Preparatory. Why?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Southland College Preparatory

As a parent, I believe that ALL students should have the opportunity to attend Southland College Preparatory High School. To me, there is no "right" type of student. The school upholds its mission by adequately preparing its students for admission to college and to graduate from college. Southland employs professionals who work effortlessly to educate our children, so no matter, what "type" of student you are, I believe the staff would bring out the best in you. Students should know that the school day is 9 hours long, the curriculum is rigorous and the end reward is attainable.

Anonymous, Student, Southland College Preparatory, Class of 2016

If you are the type of person who likes a challenge and is very diligent, Southland college preparatory high school is the place for you. Southland has many honors and AP courses that students can take to prepare them for the next level. Also, almost everyone who attends Southland are all smart. The school is small so the challenge to be #1 in the school will be a fun, yet bumpy road to success.

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