Which 3 extracurricular activities at San Marcos High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, San Marcos High School, Class of 2016

Football is definitely very popular at our school, considering I live in Texas. That being said, as for sports, football, volleyball, and basketball are probably most popular. Choir, band, and Diamondline (a dance group) are also very popular. If I were to recommend any extracurriculars I would personally recommend HOSA, Mountain Biking, and cross country.

Anonymous, Student, San Marcos High School, Class of 2016

Out of all the fantastic and outgoing extracurricular activities you can be involved in at San Marcos High School, the top three would be choir, band, and obviously football. However, out of all three I personally recommend band and choir due to their non-stop dedication to music and reaching past the limit of success.

Our band has won quite a few awards whether it would be for best jazz band or number one in state. They put their hard work during the summer, practicing from 9 am to almost 11 pm. Even upon entering San Marcos High School, right away you'll hear band practicing outside,in the harsh sun, playing to the same song over and over again. Not even I know how people involved in band can withstand the constant going over the same song for hours on end until perfectly getting it right. Next is choir, this year choir has won first place in the Heritage Spring Festival this past May with high scores above 96; not to mention winning an overall award for an Outstanding Choral Group. During second period, when passing the choir room you can hear the singers practicing on multiple songs and our choir director, Ms. TB, directing them on how to correctly hit a verse with Alto. Both extracurricular activities give a bigger understanding on the arts of music, both empowering among all activities in my school. With band giving their all everyday to the tune of our school's theme song in the band room and choir singing Les Miserables in the choir room, both are an unstoppable force to mess with.

Anonymous, Student, San Marcos High School, Class of 2016

Football, Choir, and Softball are the three most popular sports at my school. I would personally choose football but as it excludes females ill have to go with Choir because everyone can participate and have a good time

Anonymous, Student, San Marcos High School, Class of 2015

At San Marcos High School the Marching Band, Community Service Clubs, and Seasonal Sports are the most popular extracurriculars. I would definitely recommend joining the award winning band and involved key club.

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