What do we do if our two children's IEP accommodations were not given on the PARCC test?


Jules Csillag, Speech Language Pathologist and Learning Specialist

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As a parent, you have many rights, and already you are demonstrating what an essential advocate you are for your children. I am unsure which PARCC state you are writing from, but every state has a Committee on Special Education or Special Education Council that can help you with the next steps.

In the meantime, this quote below is from New Jersey (a PARCC state), but every state's process is similar, so I would recommend following these steps: "What happens if I disagree with the school district over the identification, evaluation, classification, educational placement or the provision of a free, appropriate public education? There may be a time when you and the school district disagree. Many disagreements can be resolved by communication with your child’s teacher, case manager, the school principal, or other school district personnel. There are also procedures established under state and federal law to address your concerns, such as complaint resolution, mediation or a due process hearing." -NJ DOE Parental Rights in Special Education report

If you tell us what state you are in, we can potentially provide more information. I hope it all works out.

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