What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Rasmussen College-North Dakota?


Anonymous, Student, Rasmussen College-North Dakota, Class of 2015

The top three things that students can do for fun at Rasmussen College in Fargo, North Dakota is: 1) be a part of the Leadership Academy, 2) socialize on the Rasmussen Facebook page or within their blogging website, and 3) participate in RassyDays both online or on campus. The Leadership Academy is an excellent way to build your business profile, learn networking tools and techniques, understand the leadership role, and be a part of a team within the college's community. Rasmussen's Facebook page and their blogging website is a great way for students to connect, whether they are online-only students or on campus students. RassyDays is a week filled with fun activities to participate in both online and on campus. It is an event that creates an opportunity to build relationships between students, faculty, and their families.

Anonymous, Student, Rasmussen College-North Dakota, Class of 2017

Join the book club, interact with other students virtually, and further their education with other like minded students.

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