Describe the type of student who should attend Central Washington University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Central Washington University, Class of 2015

There is no certain type of student that should attend Central Washington University, it is a good small community very friendly and perfect for all students. This is a much smaller university which makes class sizes small and is very helpful because it is easy to focus. I think that people who like living in small friendly communities will really enjoy this place, it is a very well organized school and staff is very helpful and they are good to talk to if you need help. Central Washington university is a very small community, compared to other universities but it is easy to get around and very small welcoming town as well.

Anonymous, Student, Central Washington University, Class of 2019

Any student who wants to have an all-around fantastic college experience should come to Central Washington University. They have great professors and academic programs, as well as endless opportunities to get involved in clubs, sports, the community, the outdoors, and more! There is something for everyone here at Central Washington University.

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