Describe the type of student who should not attend University of Hartford and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, University of Hartford, Class of 2017

The type of student that shouldn't enter the University of Hartford is someone who is neither motivated nor willing to work hard. High school is very different from college in terms of the academic ambience where the goal of high school is to pass classes and graduate. The goal of college, at least should be, to ace classes with high grades and gain as much experience in a career path as possible, Otherwise, med schools and grad schools are not an option.

Anonymous, Student, University of Hartford, Class of 2019

The type of students who should not attend UHart are the ones who want to party 24/7. I will not lie there are parties at UHart every weekend. All of which are off campus and attract the crowd that usually end up flunking their first semester. This unfortunately happens because a student isn't able to realize when they have had enough. After the first month at college, the parties end up dying down, when students start learning that college is not as easy as high school. Uhart is not all class work and parties - it just depends on what the student deems as fun. Some unfortunately think you need to be drunk to have fun. If you like to drink and go to parties I hope you are able to manage your time enough to study and attend classes. I am not saying they should be allowed to drink, but regardless where you send your child - there will be no one there to stop him or her from drinking. To attend UHart I recommend a student who can say "No, I need to study.", and "I have an early class, I should leave." If you have no self restraint and like to self indulge in parties... You should not attend UHart.

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