What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Baptist Bible College?


Anonymous, Student, Baptist Bible College, Class of 2019

I have not been able to fully experience life at Baptist Bible College yet. However, I spent three days there in the dorms for College Days. From what I experienced BBC students like to have karaoke and ice cream parties. They also go bowling at the local bowling alley. According to BBC's website, the girls have an annual party. They have a Pajama party with a bunch of girly stuff to do, and an experienced female musician as their guest.

Anonymous, Student, Baptist Bible College, Class of 2019

This coming semester I will be attending Baptist Bible College. However, I have met many students that do attend BBC who have told me of the great activities on campus. Near the campus, they have a café called the white house where they have musical and art performances. They also have a Recreation Team that plans activities for on campus. BBC also has student banquets where students fellowship.

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