Does Stanford University require IGSCE certificates from international students? If yes, what are the required subjects? What are the conditions to get a scholarship?


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Getting in Stanford is always a tough task which needs a lot of struggle. From the many smooth things are there to learn for getting prepare to appear in GRE.

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Standford University has no specific IGSCE requirements for international applicants to its undergraduate program. For more information about the requirements for international students, check out the university's international applicants page as well as its admissions page.

In many ways, your application will be similar to those of students applying from within the U.S.. If possible, try to take the SAT or ACT; however, if those tests aren't offered in your country, you can apply for a test waiver. Taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is another exam that, while not obligatory, is highly recommended for applicants from non-English speaking nations.

For more specific information I'd recommend calling the school at (650) 723-2300. Additionally, you can find some helpful advice on Noodle about applying to U.S. schools as an international student.

Hopefully that helps you as you navigate the admissions process!

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