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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend MCPHS University?


Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2019

One reason a person should attend MCPHS university are all the resources the school gives to you to aid you when you're studying. If you're having trouble with a certain subject such as writing, there are online tools as well as centers who having teachers that will sit with you and go over your essay and give their input on where you need to improve and where you are strong. The faculty make you feel that they are there to help you and want to help you not because they're getting paid. The second reason is the location. MCPHS is located in Boston which has a ton of historical sights as well as delicious places to eat which at the same time allows you to immerse yourself in difference cultures through food. The third reason is the fact that MCPHS is one of the colleges of Fenway which means that students are allowed to use the facilities of other colleges around us and allows us to socialize with students of other colleges near us which is a great way of making friends.

Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2018

MCPHS University is located in an important part of Boston, near several top hospitals. The university works with their students to identify local opportunities for research & other internships. Additionally, the school is supportive in making sure their students are well prepared and make strong candidates for these opportunities. For these reasons, I believe that MCPHS is a good choice for anyone serious about their educational advancement and future career.

Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2019

The number one reason is that graduating you'll be able to find work in your field of study. You'll be financially stable. Second reason is you'll be and feel more independent. Third is the feeling of accomplishment, because you reach your goal and proud to know you could do anything if you put your mind to it.

Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2017

1.) Gain a memorable and rewarding experience. 2.) Discover new things about the world around you and yourself. 3.) Pursue a career you've always dreamed about.

Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2019

  1. MCPHS University hosts a variety of programs and certification courses such as dental hygiene, diagnostic medical sonography, nursing, optometry, and pharmacy. The exposure to this amount of diversity in health studies allows students to discuss and integrate what they have learned and develop a holistic view of health that will better aid their ability as a health care provider after competition of their course.
  2. MCPHS University emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community. In my optometry program, we provide a visual screening for high school students as well as a free eye clinic for the poor and the impoverished.
  3. The programs at MCPHS University provide relevant material and technology for their students. For example, the optometry program provides cutting-edge technology that aids optometry students in their studies and training such as the eyedoc, the video slit lamp, and the octomap. As the medical and allied health fields continues to evolve and progress, MCPHS optometry students will be well versed and proficient with these equipment.
Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2018

Attending MCPHS gives the opportunity to learn and have the hands on practice which makes it easier for the student to prepare for the real world job. There is the chance to interact with many different students from all over the world creating all students sociable and bulding up on communication skills. preparing students to interact with many patients from all over the world. Lastly, it is a prestigious school which prepares students to succeed in most medical fields.

Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2020


Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2017

We have some great activities and groups, and we have some great people that help you study and learn from old tests.

Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2017

MCPHS its a great institution for students who pursuing health related career. MCPHS offers the state of art labs and equipment and its reputation its uprising for being on the best pharmacy colleges in the state of Massachusetts. The high percentage rate of acceptance, makes the university compatible for people who have the urgency of entering the program without the fear of being rejected. MCPHS offers specialized programs that normal university won't offer.

Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2015

  • Small campus so easy to navigate
  • Supportive faculty advisors
  • Boston is a great city to live in and there are so many opportunities you can tap into while living here
Anonymous, Student, MCPHS University, Class of 2016

MCPHS University is a well known university and a degree from this school can help you find employment in great hospitals. Additionally, the university has fantastic facilities that supply first hand learning experiences. Lastly, many MCPHS programs are accelerated. People know know what field the want to work in can spend less time in the classroom and more time in the workfield helping people.

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