Describe the type of student who should attend California Maritime Academy. Why?



California Maritime is a unique school that serves an equally unique student body. Now that I have completed my first semester, I can honestly say that I have met many different types of people at this school, however it seems as if there are several characteristics that all students share.

Students who attend California Maritime Academy value hands-on learning. Students enjoy getting their hands dirty because they know that real-world application of the concepts learned in the classroom make for the best possible learning experience, preparing us to meet the challenges of our chosen profession head-on. A successful student at this school will relish the opportunity to go from Chemistry Lab to Cargo Operations class, where learning to drive forklifts and operate cranes are just part of the curriculum.

Students who attend California Maritime Academy appreciate a somewhat unconventional college experience. Our students appreciate the unique aspects of our college, such as uniforms, weekly formation, and living on a ship. We accept, and even take pride in these uniqueness’s because we know that though them, we’ll be better prepared for our professional futures.

Students who attend California Maritime Academy desire a secure future through a profession with fantastic benefits. The most widely agreed-upon reason that most students attend the school is for the great benefits after graduation. With a job placement rate of “very close to 100%” for the Marine Transportation major, and an average starting salary of at least $75,000 I sometimes wonder why more people haven’t discovered this gem. Plus, California Maritime Academy is a member of the California State University system, so students’ tuition is more manageable than any Ivy League that offers the same benefits previously mentioned. What’s more, a career as an engineer or mate on a ship is one filled with adventure, excitement, and world-wide opportunity.

Admittedly, our school is not for everyone, but for the student who seeks an academically challenging curriculum balanced with hands-on learning; appreciates being part of a unique experience, and desires success in their future, California Maritime may just be the perfect fit!

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