Asked about: Butte College

Describe the type of student who should attend Butte College. Why?



People that love being outdoors and that have a passion for sustainability. Butte is a leader is sustainability. It is on 928 acres with beauty in every corner.


Butte College is a community college located in California. Having students who commute from roughly four surrounding cities and towns, it is a truly diverse education institution. The type of student who should attend Butte College is a person willing to succeed. Further, a person welcoming of diversity and willing to be an active member in the community. Butte College welcomes all types of students, not discriminatory of gender, race, social class or disability. Butte provides resources for students in all walks of life, providing financial assistance for those in need, note-takers and hired helpers for those with disabilities, and counseling for those in abusive relationships/those dealing with any type of mental illness. To further this, Butte College even welcomes high school age students through their College Connection program. Any student willing to participate and push themselves to the challenge is welcome at the college. The type of students who are successful at this institution are those who understand that this is a time to push ones-self beyond the usual range of comfort they are used to. Butte is willing to provide the push needed for some students to help them become acclimated to college life, but a driven student will succeed the most in any education situation. Butte College has an open opinion policy, but does not condone in any circumstance bullying or harassment. Butte strives to create an open and welcoming environment for students and guests, and is willing to accommodate for the individual circumstances of their students. Students of any social class are welcome at Butte College and even students with children are able to attend classes because of the daycare offered on campus.

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