What's it like to be a part-time student at Pace's MBA program?


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This is a great question for getting feedback from students and alumni. While we wait for those responses to come in, I can point you towards some other documents and sites that will give you a sense of what life and academics are like at Pace University

A great first stop is the Pace Lubin School of Business Part Time MBA Noodle Profile, which offers some statistical information, as well as reviews and testimonials from students and publications.

Check out Pace's website for a current account of the classes, programs and services offered. You can also use the site to request more information, and, potentially, reach out to current or former students.

You can also try calling the admissions department at 800-874-PACE.

Hopefully, by getting in touch with the school, you'll be able to contact students, alumni, staff and faculty members. Some schools will even help prospective students schedule a meeting with one of the above mentioned individuals, so as to get an honest picture of what life is like at the school.

Best of luck and write back if you need more information or help!

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