Would you recommend attending Webb School of Knoxville if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Webb School of Knoxville, Class of 2016

I would absolutely recommend Webb. I have attended Webb since sixth grade, and have not regretted choosing this school one bit. I was lucky to find a great group of friends at Webb, but I don't just have a small group of friends I hang out with. Webb is a family. I consider everyone in my class as a friend, and I have also had the opportunity to become great friends with people from other grades as well. Webb's tight knit community is truly unique and amazing. The academics are also incredible. The course selection is so wide and diverse, it makes choosing classes a difficult decision. For example, this year I had to choose between taking psychology or philosophy. Both classes are classes I actually WANT to take, not classes I'm forced to take. Webb has many classes like this. The class sizes are also a huge advantage of Webb's small size. Having small classes ensures that each student is getting exactly the help he or she needs. The teachers at Webb are all extremely helpful and truly care about their students. If I could go back to 5th grade, I would totally choose Webb again, and would eagerly recommend Webb to anyone looking for a challenging, but rewarding school experience.

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