What kind of careers can someone majoring in gender studies pursue after college?


Lisa Hiton, Professor of English and Arts, Poet, Filmmaker, Writer

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There are many careers to pursue if this is your area of study. Particularly with the rise of identity politics in conjunction with technology, there is so much relevant work being done and beginning that gender studies students will be needed for. There are many sectors in which you'd be welcomed.

  • ACADEMICS: There is research in every department being considered right now through the lens of gender. You could find an academic team to work on in any department really. There are professors doing research on gender in education, business, law, and the like. Gender studies is trending right now on campuses, so finding a department in which the content-area and your skills work could be an easy way to continue with the content-area at the theoretical or research forefront.

  • POLITICS: Whether that's working on a campaign, working for a political consulting/PR group that does something gender specific, the Human Rights Campaign, lobbying, etc.

  • NON-PROFIT: There are all kinds of non-profits that seek to support women, equity, LGBTQ people, etc. From focus on sexual violence, to wage gaps, there are many ways to get the word out about many of the issues that gender studies contains within it.

  • JOURNALISM: There are many places these days who want staff writers or contributors dedicated to issues of gender, feminism, and the like.

  • START-UP/TECH: From "Lesbians Who Tech", to apps for students to call security from their phone if something is wrong, there are so many new things out there being run by women and LGBTs and/or for them.

Mostly, the content area is so relevant that it can really take you anywhere.

Michelle Issadore, Campus sexual assault expert

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While many people will tell you that humanities or liberal arts education requires a graduate degree (and that is the case for many of us), there are options straight out of undergraduate or prior to re-enrolling. Some of my Women's and Gender Studies major peers went into non-profit work, some into politics, some into teaching. I work in the anti-violence field and am surrounded by many others who studied the history and dynamics of gender.

Feel free to wrote back with additional information on your interests and what else you are studying for a more detailed response!

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