Describe the type of student who should attend Millbrook High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Millbrook High School, Class of 2016

Four years ago, Millbrook High School was the pinnacle of the community. Everyone held its students with the highest regard for their compassion and generosity towards other community organizations and events. Whether it had been a benevolent donation or a pledge of community service, Millbrook students managed to be active, involved members in the community. This convivial reputation for Millbrook students has since deteriorated due to dwindling energy, and I'd like to see these energetic, traditional values reinstated in my fellow peers. A student attending Millbrook High School should understand the concept of integrity-- standing up for what is right and doing the right thing when no one is looking. They should be proud of their peers, and encourage others to hop aboard their wagon of motivation and involvement. If I had the opportunity to guide a student into the culture of Millbrook High School, I would teach him to follow in my footsteps but to leave greater footprints. I found extraordinary ways to become involved in my school; as a matter of fact, I have worked my way into the highest position of authority among my peers. If I had the opportunity, I would train my successor to use the same strategies I used to achieve respect and authority, but I would make sure to teach him the ways of reaching out to his constituents. My successor would follow one major rule in its entirety and never infect its integrity with sarcasm or foolishness; this rule is the golden rule. By treating others the way they wanted to be treated, I could train my successor to disrupt the darkness of disrespect and negligence among the shady parts of the Millbrook crowd. This would allow for the brightness of the yang to overrule the darkness of the yin, and respect and motivation would flow through the halls like water down a river. If I could do it again, I would reach out to leadership training opportunities prior to pursuing class office or student government positions. I had not learned effective ways to manage a team until the summer prior to my senior year. It was at Virginia Boys State at Radford University and the VASTS Summer Academy at the NASA Langley Research Center where I learned how to install honor, admiration, and inspiration in a team. I would pass this knowledge and training on to an upcoming Millbrook student for them to quickly bless the school with unprecedented change. My ideal successor is determined, intelligent, outgoing, honorable, respectable, and (most importantly) a good public speaker. Once I learned how to address a crowd with confidence and enjoy myself doing so, I managed to begin to make change in the ambition of my peers. A successor with pure integrity and the ability to persuade others would stimulate the most success in changing the school back to its ways four years ago. I believe that my ideal successor would use the information I provide for them to become the most influential and powerful member of the school, and they would take this power to begin to correct the community.

Anonymous, Student, Millbrook High School, Class of 2016

A student who is open to ideas, one who accepts other races and cultures should attend Millbrook High School. The school is not just about fun, but about working hard. Getting quality education and not being afraid to getting help along the way.

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