Which 3 extracurricular activities at Indiana Academy for Science Math and Humanities are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Indiana Academy for Science Math and Humanities, Class of 2016

Student Parliament is very popular at my school. It is a great program that uses the student body to create a representation of the school. I am currently an At-Large Representative for the Senior Class. A club in which I am apart of that is popular is Veteran's Outreach Club. I am Vice President of this club and we send letters and care packages to veterans and current serving soldiers overseas. We also educate people inside and outside the club about veterans and what they have done for us. A third extracurricular activity that is well accepted with the students is one that I am personally not apart of. The boys' and girls' soccer teams are very well supported by the student body. There is always a full student section at games and the teams are well encouraged by the school. I would recommend all the former extracurriculars, as well as our schools tennis teams, our global impact club, and our prom committee.

Anonymous, Student, Indiana Academy for Science Math and Humanities, Class of 2015

Easily the most popular was the United Sexualities LGBTQA club. The school wax incredibly diverse, and thus had a large LGBTQA club. They were very accepting, allowing all to come, even those not on "the spectrum" as they called it. Another popular club was the Card Game club, which, as the name implies, was about card games. As a school primarily made of nerds, that was a common past time. Finally, another popular club was the Video Game club, where we hosted monthly tournaments and other such events; I was co-president of it, actually.

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