What is a typical Chandler High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Chandler High School.


Anonymous, Student, Chandler High School, Class of 2017

A typical student is an average person. A person that is themselves. A typical student at Chandler High is involved with knowing what's going on in the athletic sporty world at our school. You would have to have at least C's but if you fail a class, the counselors are always there to help you and give you the best options. The typical day is to go to classes, learn the curriculum, lots of people ask questions, but not only is it an educational setting, it's a fun setting where students can laugh and mend personalities. Lunch, you can go off campus or stay on and there is a variety of food items. People love going off because you have Mexican food, sushi, barbecue, little markets, you have options. A student at Chandler High is given the options and all they have to do is be themselves. They should care about their grades and environment but we take individuals and blend them making us one of the best schools.

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