Does 6x=2y and if yes, how?


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When looking to solve equations, one must realize that in order for the equation to hold true, both sides of the equation must be equal to one another. In this case, we do not know what "x" or what "y" is but we know that "x" multiplied by 6 must be equal to "y" multiplied by 2. If we isolate "y", by dividing both sides of the equation by 2, we see a new equation of y=3x. Therefore, we can pick any number for "x" and "y" must be 3 times that number. Let's take an example: if x=1, y =3. When we substitute that back into the equation we see 6=6 and we have found a correct solution. Feel free to pick another number for "x" and then see what "y" must be.

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