Do they teach Montessori methods?


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What is our prekindergarten program?

This program is for children ages 3 & 4. The program is a Montessori program featuring individualized eduction.

Learning areas include: practical life exercises, sensorial exercises, prereading/reading, prewriting/writing, mathematics, zoology, botany, and physical science, and daily art lessons.

Additionally the students receive instruction in beginning dance and music and movement (Kodaly and Orff program).

What is our Kindergarten program?

Individualized reading programs (Montessori) through first grade levels, vocabulary development, and writing; hands on math (Montessori) including numbering, adding, subtracting, multiplication, place value, numbering to 1000, problem solving and geometry;

zoology, botany, physical science, including experiments;

geography and cultures of the worldj; the beginning studies of the concept of history;

studies in Spanish and Chinese;

classes in Monart, drawing and painting, ballet, tap, drama, physical education, music theory, choir , and violin or cello.

Elementary Division includes:

Reading and Literature emphasizing Bloom's Taxonomy, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and writing.

Mathematics: abstract textbook math plus Montessori manipulatives and Mortensen mathematics.

Science: grades 3 - 5 have a science lab within their classroom and work with botany, physical science, zoology and research.

Lower elementary study botany, physical science and zoology and have experiments and projects within their classroom.

History and geography are important components of the curriculum. The studies are based on both manipulative work and research.

Foreign Language Study: classes include Spanish and Chinese.

Physical Education is a daily component of the elementary curriculum.

Visual and Performing Arts classes include: Dance classes (ballet, tap, jazz and competitive dance teams), drama study and production, music theory, choir, orchestra, band, and visual arts.

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