Which 3 extracurricular activities at Walker High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Walker High School, Class of 2016

  The three extracurricular activities at my school that I consider being the most popular, have to be sports. At my school; we take football very seriously, so I would bet on most of our students saying that football is the most popular. Also, popular at our school is our marching band. Growing up, I always saw band as being for the nerds, and a very degrading extracurricular activity. When I got to high school, I realized how much skill, time, and effort it takes to be in the band, and it definitely does not go unnoticed at Walker High School. Another popular extracurricular at my school is volleyball. I am not sure if it is popular due to our girls wearing the tight spandex, or because they are very good. I would like to say they are supported so much, because of their top ranking year to year in the state.
  The three extracurricular activities that I recommend differ from that of the most popular. Although the most popular activities I mentioned are great; I don't participate in any of them, so I really can not recommend them to anyone. An extracurricular activity I recommend at my school is Encore, which is the singing and dancing group for ninth thru twelfth graders. We have a very qualified teacher, and it is so much fun to be in because we do many competitions and even go to Disney World. Another activity I recommend is joining key club. Key club is ran by some of our faculty, and we do many services around our community that will look great for colleges. Lastly, I would recommend joining Center-stage if you like theatre, and acting. All of our extracurricular activities are ran by great, qualified people, and this club is no different. Center-stage is very much so on the rise, and it is super fun, and very rewarding when you finally get your whole show prepared and performed in front of people who are appreciative of your hard work.

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