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What is a typical Chino High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Chino High School.


Anonymous, Student, Chino High School, Class of 2019

The typical High School students in their daily routine at Chino High is to do their long 7 horrible hours in their periods to come home quickly. It's the lucky chance that there will be a whole year where someone didn't give birth to a baby concerning teen pregnancies that continues to linger. It's happened so often that it isn't unusual over to see it occur in at least one out of every estimated amount. We have the reputation for acting "ghetto" from the poor behavior seen from undisciplined, wild teenagers on the loose with no moral respect for teachers whatsoever. There's a certain type of group that will hang around to get credit for attendance rather than make an effort to look presentable on time without a tardy slip. You'll see them scattered from around the classrooms passing it onto the next person as it spreads. The problem is usually derived from their internal homes from the thoughtless parents that fail to raise them as a supportive figure in the growth of their child development from their leadership. Thus, the student doesn't have the willpower to put their brains into their education. They have no sense of direction for listening to the authority that was never taught to them. To emphasize, they can't process the wrong between the right of their actions and the consequences for them. Browsing through my search engine, I could probably find that we have a low passing rate. On the contrary, I could assume it off of the top of my head. I know that people shouldn't be judging a book based off a cover. However, you can't make an extravagant conclusion out of someone not willing to follow the dress code that refuses to wear a belt. The pants sagging to the floor was the trend considerably for men longer ago, and it has been for these years except there are fewer sightings. Justin Bieber has left the stage enough to where his followers can't back it up to his level. As for the girls, some of them can't even find a decent shirt of a proportional size where it'll cover up their belly button piercing. Again, it has to do with the latest fashion with the new terms of sexy. However, I could never see the importance of clothing other than it being a necessity for warmth and the prevention of too much exposure to the wrong area. You'd think shorts would be enough, but companies had to go farther into reducing it to a minimal length equivalent to my undies. They haven't got the quality to be aware of their surroundings through communication skills. The mission statement includes their goal for a productive environment that encourages effective thinking for academic achievement.

Anonymous, Student, Chino High School, Class of 2016

The type of person who should attend Chino High is a student that wants to study and earn a college degree. Chino High has a lot of classes for students to challenge themselves.

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