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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Franklin College?


Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2019

The most important reason I think of why someone should attend Franklin is because it's a liberal arts college. There's some debate on whether or not that's useful, but I'm here to tell you that it's worked wonders for me and I'll recommend it to anyone who will listen. It's an asset to your education because not only are you gaining knowledge in your specific area of study, but you're also attaining knowledge on other fields that you may not think you're interested in, and find that you love. It helps you keep up with the constantly changing times in the workplace and being able to adapt and have critical thinking skills Is another aspect that this liberal arts college teaches their students. Another reason I think it's important to attend Franklin College is because there's something for everyone here. No matter how much of an outcast someone might have been in high school, there's friends everywhere to be made here. The last reason is the school size. Franklin College is a fairly small school with only 1,100 students. This is great though because the faculty to student ratio is small, therefore, you get to know your professors really well and it's much easier to ask for additional help if you need it. Basically, Franklin College has something for everyone, and the academic aspect of Franklin helps you go above and beyond.

Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2020

Franklin College holds it's students to successful academics that will land those students a job that serves their lives very well. Franklin offers a environment that is made for everyone to enjoy themselves as well as their college experience. I think that personal limits will be pushed at Franklin and personal achievements will be opened to those who allow it to happen.

Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2019

three reasons someone should attend franklin college is that it has a very friendly staff who want nothing but for the students to succeed and do good for them selves. the campus is rather large and very clean it is well maintained. it is a school that feels like a home away from home and has many traditions just like a family. at franklin you are accepted into that family with open arms.

Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2018

I could go on about the benefits of Franklin College, but I will narrow it down to the top three.

First of all, the professors here genuinely care about how you're doing, in and outside of the classroom. They are always willing to help and extend office hours and extra time to meet with and aid students who seek the assistance.

Secondly, everyone on campus is so friendly. Coming here for the first time, I was a bottle of nerves. However, the older students understood what it was like to be in my steps, and offered me guidance whenever I needed it. The other freshmen bonded during the first "Welcome Week" of school, as the college provided us many activities to get comfortable with the college atmosphere and with each other.

This leads to the last reason to attend Franklin College. FC offers so many unique opportunities for students. There are events planned throughout every week of the school year for those seeking a study break. When I came to FC, I had never done yoga, but after they offered optional sessions throughout the day in the Fall, I decided to enroll in a Spring-term course to help with my balance, flexibility, and to reduce stress from classes and other obligations. Plus, being an education major, I will get to start working in a classroom during the Winter-term of my sophomore year! By the time I graduate, I can say that I've had almost 3 years of experience before even getting employed, and to know that gives me great confidence that I can find a sustainable teaching position straight out of college. FC allows you to take advantage of many opportunities to make you a much more well-rounded person.

Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2015

Excellent professors, plenty of activities and organizations to participate in, good class selection

Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2018

People should attend Franklin College because it is small and safe community. Franklin College provides amazing opportunities for internships and exploring careers. The professors at Franklin College want to see their students succeed and are always there to help.

Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2018

1) Franklin is a small college where students have a chance to get to know they're professors. 2) Franklin always has activities going on and there's never a boring moment. 3) You can individual majors.

Anonymous, Student, Franklin College, Class of 2018

People should attend Franklin for the love and dedication of the professors. While students may have some they may dislike, most are rather joyous to have. Another reason is the size. I, who came from a rather small town, love the area. It's what I'm used to, and I hear a lot of people on campus say the same thing. It's peaceful and adds to the appeal of school. A third reason is for the connections and prestige a diploma from Franklin College grants to graduates. A high level of work is required to reach that level ad it shows to employers.

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