What is a typical North Caroline High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend North Caroline High School.


Anonymous, Student, North Caroline High School, Class of 2016

Well there really is no typical north Caroline students everyone is their own individual. The few things most of the students have in common are that most of the students are friendly and have lived in the county for most of their lives. Pretty much everyone has known everyone else for a large portion of their lives.

The type of person who should join North Caroline High School is someone who is easy going hard working and wants to succeed. With that kind of personality you would easily get along with teachers, and classmates. You would be very unlikely to get in trouble because you would want to have a good resumé in order to succeed. Basically the ideal person to attend north Caroline is someone who cares about their future and other people. Because if you care about your future you'll make good grades and not get into trouble, and if you care about others you won't bully them and they will also have a better future.

Anonymous, Student, North Caroline High School, Class of 2016

North Caroline Students are so different. We all have our own personalities, flaws, interests, and friends. But, there are a few traits that we have in common. We are all so smart. Some of us just do not know it yet, and we make mistakes but I know that we all have the potential to make something of ourselves. Also, we all take so much pride in our community and school. We live in a very rural area and we have a lot of farmers near us. That's okay though, because how else would we get our vegetables? No one really complains about how boring it is and we all find ways to be okay with the farmland around us.

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