What should I know about finding a job after graduation when I’m choosing a college?


Joan Spitrey, Clinical Nursing Instructor

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I totally agree with Ms. Dennis, you definitely want to inquire about employment rates after graduation. Another great resource is the the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. This is a great resource on the employment outlook and education requirements of most occupations. When thinking about a career and ultimately the education required, you want to also be mindful the job's salary will cover any loans you may need to take out. So be cautious in the amount of debt you will take on, jut to get the job. Good luck & you are on the right track with your forward thinking!!

Marguerite Dennis, Higher Education Consultant

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If you can’t find a satisfactory answer to what the ROI of a college is, ask what the employment rate is for graduates after six months and what the school does to help graduates find a job after they leave school. You cannot expect any school to be totally responsible for finding you a job. However, I do believe that every college or university in this country has a responsibility to help its students find a job even after graduation.

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