If I'm keeping my grandchildren everyday, will they be able to go to school in my area, which is zip code 91354.


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You will need to show legal guardianship of the children in order to have them attend the school in your area; otherwise, they will need to attend the district to which they are assigned. If you are wanting to apply for a waiver, contact the school board directly.

Here is where you can see where they should district based on their home address: http://www.saugususd.org/About-SUSD/Find-Your-School/index.html

Please note that if the children attend school in your district illegally (such as forging documents that show their residence as your home), the parents can be held fiscally responsible for the tuition of attending the school since they did not pay taxes for the children to attend in that district. Here is an example of that online:


Be careful, proceed wisely! Sometimes the students can attend a nearby school and arrange bussing, so it is worth contacting the district to determine if something can be worked out. If the students district to an under-performing school, they may have legal ways to attend a better district through an application process. Still other schools will accept students if they are experiencing low enrollment for a particular grade and have room (because then they also get tax money to cover that student).

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