Could anyone give an opinion about the nursing program ? My daughter was accepted at Duquesne and PennState main campus. She is having a very difficult time deciding between the two programs. Any thoughts and observations would be greatly appreciated.


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After looking at both Duquesne's Nursing site and Penn State's Nursing sites, I see two outstanding schools.

I would ask that you and your daughter consider several factors.

  • If both of you have not visited both campuses, I would suggest doing so. Here you can see and get a feel for what feels like "home" and what will make her become successful.
  • Verify that the certification and degree is approved by the boards. In reviewing the sites, I did not see any that did not meet this criteria, but it is worth a check.
  • Ask at both sites, what % of students pass their certification tests last year and what is the average time spent on each certification / degree. This changes from year to year and the website may not be updated here.
  • Are you able to find out their job placement rate? If so, compare it to common sites if possible. This is a HUGE red flag is the percent is low!!!!
  • Will she be able to participate in any cutting edge projects where she can state that they had been a part of on their resume?
  • If she decides to continue her education beyond the nursing degree and certification that she is currently pursuing, which program will make it easier for her to spring into the next level that she desires?
  • If you think both are very comparable, are there any scholarships or grants available exclusive to each institution?

Good luck!!!

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