What is a typical Bay Shore Senior High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Bay Shore Senior High School.


Anonymous, Student, Bay Shore Senior High School, Class of 2016

Bay Shore Senior High School prides itself in how diverse the student body is. There is no "typical" student at school; each student has his or her own interests and hobbies, but can always find a class, a club, a sport, and a friend group that shares this common love for something. If someone has a passion for something he or she is more than likely to fit in at Bay Shore, considering how accepting and tolerant the atmosphere is. If a passion is expressed by a few students, a petition for a club can be proposed and with enough supporters, this idea can become a reality, shown by the large array of clubs, including the recently formed Feminist Club. From Film Club to Trivia Team to competitive sports teams, there is not one person in Bay Shore Senior High School that can possibly say that there's "nothing to do" or "nothing that piques his or her interest". No matter who a student is or what he or she wants to get out of his or her high school career, Bay Shore is no doubt a perfect place to find what everyone is looking for.

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