Describe the type of student who should not attend Lakeside High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Lakeside High School, Class of 2017

Teachers at Lakeside enjoy establishing bonds with students and often volunteer their own time to help any student in need. If a student prefers more independence in the classroom, or less of a personal connection with their professors, they may not enjoy their attendance at Lakeside as much. Also, our guidance counselors have a firm belief in "no student left behind." If you haven't applied for a college yet, are failing multiple classes, have one too many absenses, etc. then they will find you and set up a plan for your future and current success. If you continue to fail, they will persist and do whatever it takes to ensure you will be prepared for post-high school life. Again, if the student prefers more independence at school, then Lakeside may be too small and community-like for him/her.

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