Describe the type of student who should attend Norwich University. Why?



Do you have strong values that you stay true to in everything you do? If so, then Norwich University may be the place for you. Norwich has been around since 1819, almost reaching 200 years. Norwich students pride themselves on the honor code that the school upholds. "I will not lie, cheat or steal." This is something that every Norwich student believes and practices. You can trust fellow students to be faithful in academics and social encounters. If you were to leave your laptop somewhere, you could expect to have it returned to you without having to worry about it being gone forever. Norwich has a motto, "I will try" and I along with the rest of the student body allow this motto to motivate us through our daily lives at Norwich. So if you can live up to these values that Norwich has installed in its community over the past two centuries, you should attend Norwich.


If you enjoy the traditional four seasons, with a well structured university, that has a choice of "lifestyle" (corp of cadets or civilian population), then Norwich University is for you. Originally a military college, Norwich University is a senior military college -- one of the few to be designated so. If you want to become a military officer, or if you want a well-structured university, Norwich is for you. Norwich University is the birth place of Reserve Officer Training Corp. I am currently in my freshman year, in the Corp of Cadets. I enjoy the scenery and the structure of the university.


A dedicated and motivated person looking for an extraordinary and challenging education and lifestyle, because Norwich is the military college of the the state of Vermont. Also, people looking for a non-party school with a quiet campus and lot of history should attend. People who want to commission into any branch of the military as an officer should apply because Norwich is the only school to have all branches represented. People who come here know that their first year will be spent as Rooks, who will have to work hard to earn basic privileges and are held to a higher standard than other college students. Earning the rank of Private and becoming recognized as a Cadet of the Corps after several months of hard work was one of my proudest moments.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2019

A student that is looking for a career in the military or a civilian student that is looking to have a career and not just a job. Must be motivated, disciplined and have the will and want to succeed.

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