What is a typical High Technology High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend High Technology High School.


Anonymous, Student, High Technology High School, Class of 2016

A typical High Tech student is passionate, driven, focused and determined. We are a usual school, unlike other high schools, this high school is smaller because of its acceptance rate. Thus, I like to think of ourselves as a tight-knit school. After the past three years of attending High Tech I can honestly say that this school is rare; we are a body of students extremely close. From the very first day I entered the school I was greeted and welcomed by various students and teachers and it continues to stay the same. Everyone somehow has something in common, for instance many times it may be the stress we share because of the challenging classes. Students here are extremely creative in different areas like: graphic arts, performing arts, musical theater, studio arts, culinary arts, etc. Absolutely everyone in this school has a goal and it's very enlightening to hear about the colleges many of these students plan to attend and careers they will pursue. I think the reason why I personally find my school to be somewhere I don't mind going to five times a week, is because we all appreciate and know the struggles we had to go through to attend such a selective high school. Thus, if a student is looking for a unique, challenging, and open-minded school, High Tech High School is definitely worth applying to.

Anonymous, Student, High Technology High School, Class of 2016

A typical student attending High Tech High School is typically well-rounded and intelligent. Admission into the school proves that High Tech is very selective, but does see potential when presented in front of them. High Tech High School offers an array of students with various characteristics to offer. A lot of students in High Tech are gifted in the arts- dance majors, drama majors, music and musical theatre, but that does not limit any student, because there are students that can major in communications, science, culinary, and much more. High Tech has a way of cultivating the talent each student brings into the school and turns it into something they can make a career out of after the 4 years of high school come to a close. Most students in High Tech are very driven with their academics, but also keep in mind their passion to do what they love, and surround themselves with their artistry- whether it be dance, singing, solving Calculus problems, or experimenting with lipids and carbohydrates, each student in High Tech High School has potential and learns from the school as the school learns about their attributes.

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