What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend University of the Southwest?


Anonymous, Student, University of the Southwest, Class of 2018

When you have a campus that not only strives to change the way it thinks to better the retention rate and push the fold on up and coming ideas you know you have a winner. The professors that not only enjoy their jobs but go an extra mile of above and beyond mold their students with the sheer will power of education and experience. I've been that person that sits in a class of 30-50 students and there isn't a family feeling there, but here at USW they know your name and your major. Since its a small institution the environment that USW is just right for those students that come from all over like different states or international students.

Anonymous, Student, University of the Southwest, Class of 2015

The first reason is because it is one of the best schools in the world. Southwest is a christian base institution for persons with such a background or for those who want see what the christian belief is all about. The online portion of the Southwest is outstanding and the MBA program has one the best lay out .

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