Would you recommend attending Bellbrook High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Bellbrook High School, Class of 2016

Yes, it's one of the best public schools in the area and while it may not have the most in the way of clubs or activities, it's a good school and you're sure to learn a lot if you properly apply yourself.

Anonymous, Student, Bellbrook High School, Class of 2016

No I would not. The people at Bellbrook HIgh School are not welcoming to new students all that much, except for a very small amount. Unless a person was not popular at their previous school, they will not be at our school. They will be seen as outcasts for a bit of a while and it takes a few months for these people to belong and make friends, and these months in between are not a good time. Our school is small, with not many students, which some people may like, but the disadvantage is not having such a big pool of classes to choose from, as well as little people to make friends with. Yes, a student may receive an excellent education here, but they'd have to work very hard, and the consequence would have to be the social experience.

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