How focused are the academics on religion at this school?


Chris J. Lebron, AMHS Alum, 2001

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From what I recall (it's been quite a while!): Religious instruction is required for all students, regardless of their background. I remember having a "religion" class each of my four years there. At the same time though, I believe the faculty (including the Brothers and Sisters) did a good job of keeping religious instruction confined to the religion classes.

For those who were interested in getting more involved with religious activities, there were many opportunities, including:

  • Peer guidance counseling
  • Weekend retreats
  • Week long volunteer service for various communities
  • Catholic masses and prayer services, daily (I believe) and on bigger holidays
  • Extra-curricular clubs
  • Many more I can't recall...

But yeah, for the most part, instruction in other subjects remained secular.

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