Describe the type of student who should not attend Kennesaw State University and explain why.



The type of student who should not attend Kennesaw State University is one who wants an education to be handed to them without working hard.


As I've said anyone could attend Kennesaw State and everyone should. However, there is one type of student who should not attend; a student who doesn't want to be here. Attending Kennesaw, if the student didn't want the education, would be a waste of resources and money. The staff is here is teach and help, and the students are highly motivated to learn. Being here would be the wrong environment for an unwilling student.


Honestly, I don't think there is a specific type of student who should NOT attend my school. We are a great school, and everybody who tries succeeds here, and everybody I know here is beyond happy.

Anonymous, Student, Kennesaw State University, Class of 2017

I do not believe anyone should not attend this school. I think it should be open to everyone. As all schools should open to everyone.

Amanda Burgess George, Professional Staff Advisor; Advisor for Freshmen and Transfer Students at Large State Institution

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This is an interesting question. It's hard to say why a student should not attend a particular college or university. The most obvious reason to me not to choose a particular institution is if the school does not have your intended major or area of study. Another reason is if the school is too far from your home; yet another reason could be if you can't afford the school.

However, even with those reasons, if there is something about Kennesaw State University that is even a little bit interesting, I encourage you to visit the campus. I am an advisor at KSU, and I often tell prospective dance majors after they tour our facilities that only the student can decide if our program and university is the right fit. The student may love our program but not be attracted to anything else about the campus or vica versa.

Choosing a college or university is such a personal decision. The best way to decide is to do your research, visit any institution that interests you, and speak with as many people on campus as you can - current students, faculty, advisors, admissions counselors, etc. Good luck in your search!

Anonymous, Student, Kennesaw State University, Class of 2017

Do you not like to have fun? Do you hate diversity? Hard choosing between two great, diverse campuses? Hate seeing a beautiful, pristine campus? Then Kennesaw State University is not for you.

Anonymous, Student, Kennesaw State University, Class of 2019

I have had great experience at Kennesaw State during my first semester as a college freshman. I don't have any reasons to list that why someone shouldn't attend Kennesaw State.

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