Can you tell me what elementary and middle schools are well-regarded in and around Walnut Creek, CA?

We are moving to Walnut, Creek, CA in June. Our daughter will be in kindergarten.


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It's great that you're already scouting out good schools for your daughter! Here is a list of schools in and near Walnut Creek, CA. It looks like Indian Valley Elementary and Walnut Heights Elementary both have very high scores on their Noodle Report Cards. You can learn more about how Noodle rates schools on this page.

Be careful when you're searching for schools to make sure that you're looking in the correct state. For instance, Walnut Creek Elementary School is actually in Ohio. You can use the search bar on the righthand side of the screen to specify the location of the school or service for which you're looking.

Best of luck and feel free to ask more questions any time!

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