How much does U of O stress volunteer work when choosing applicants?


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The college admissions process can be more than just daunting, it can be confusing, too! When each school you apply to is looking for something particular, it can be hard to remember which parts of your application are the most important to a given school. To help you keep track, Noodle developed handy college profiles with a bunch of information for all the different schools you're considering. Each school profile breaks down the college's admissions considerations into three groups: "Very Important," "Important," and "Also Considered."

The admissions section of the University of Oregon profile lists volunteer work under the "Also Considered" category. This means that while volunteer work may help to set you apart from your competition in the application process, the admissions department does not place as much value on it as your academic history or GPA, which are both listed under "Very Important" for the University of Oregon.

If you are looking for some volunteering opportunities, you can use Noodle to find a volunteer position.

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