What do you like about UMich's campus and culture?


jrudolf, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor '18

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The UMich is unique for its location and culture. It is in an environment which is filled with students, as Ann Arbor is based around the idea of being a college town. There are tons of restaurants, stores and coffee shops which make for a fun, and exciting place to walk around on the weekends, or hangout during a study break.

Admitsee student at University of Michigan, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor '16

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Ann Arbor is the cutest town with lively and nice people everywhere. There are pretty much always things going on, and the school spirit is everywhere. You don't feel like you're in the middle of nowhere like other schools; you're surrounded by a city with a lot to offer. There's Downtown Ann Arbor, Main Street, Kerrytown, and South U bars and restaurants. It's in the midwest, so I get to experience all four seasons, and the campus is gorgeous in the fall. > Not to mention football season. Michigan's definitely well known for its school spirit and sports. Football Saturday mornings have been called "the best night of the week." Everyone's in Maize and Blue ready to go starting early in the am. There's also a lot of support for basketball, hockey, and so on. So many good sports to watch and cheer on. > Anytime you go anywhere with Michigan gear on (except maybe Ohio), you'll probably have someone come up to you and smile while they say "Go Blue!" because they 1. Went/go to Michigan 2. Know someone who went/goes to Michigan or 3. Respects the school's sports and/or academics. > People here are hardworking, and you'll find students of all kinds here. Some are really nerdy and some are really cool. A bunch are both. With a school this large, you're bound to find someone or a group of people you like. It's so easy to find and join clubs to help you find your fit that making the school a little smaller to help make yourself comfortable isn't a problem.

aburnell, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor '18

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Ann Arbor presents several opportunities for cultural integration within an urban setting which centers itself around a college atmosphere. I wish it were closer to home, but that is not an influential factor for many students here.

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