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Does your school accept international students?


M. Erez Kats, Seattle Language Arts Teacher

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I called the school, and I was informed that they do not accept international students at this time, as it is a platform that they have yet to explore, but may in the future. I would say that for this school year though, the answer is no. They are also a pretty small school, located in the south part of Seattle near Renton and Tukwila, with enrollment being around 60-100 students. If you really are looking for specialized instruction, learning and activities, this would be the school for you. I hope this helps you in continuing your search in the Seattle area.

Michael Schoch, Answers questions on Noodle

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Unfortunately, I couldn't find much information on Academy School's policies towards international students. I would recommend emailing the school at or calling at 206-588-0860. You can learn more about the school's teaching philosophy and staff on its website.

You can find some more generally helpful advice for international students studying in the USA on Noodle's topic pages.

I hope this gives you a little more information. Best of luck!

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