Describe the type of student who should attend Eldorado High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Eldorado High School, Class of 2019

To be a student at Eldorado High School you must be responsible, willing to learn, and respectful. These values have been instilled in us since the first day of first grade. A lot of us find these values to help us in our learning environments, but I will be honest not everyone in my school is responsible, willing to learn, and respectful. I still believe to be a true Eldorado Eagle you must obtain these three qualities.

Responsibility is constantly reminded to us everyday. My teachers use examples relating to the real world to remind us of adulthood. For example, my English teacher told the class, “Once you step out of these doors you will not be able to forget to do your work, or you will be fired.” They instill responsibility by teaching us to turn in our homework, remember to bring in our supplies, and take responsibility for our actions. Therefore, a student at my school should posses a strong sense of responsibility.

Being willing to learn is also a very important part of my high school. I am blessed to have so many classes and programs that I can participate in. It is crazy to think a student can walk out of my high school with half of an associates degree done! The teachers always try to make our lessons interesting, but at the same time informative. A student at my school should always be willing to learn, and appreciate the many opportunities we as students are given.

Respect is a key quality Eldorado Eagles have. We respect the smallest freshman to the principle. At my high school we here the term, respect your elder a lot! They have instilled that quality to last many years after we leave.  Eldorado Eagles should have that quality to thrive in the high school.

Eldorado High School is a very important place to me and many other people, and I hope the students, years to come understand its importance. That is what a student that attends my high school should strive to be everyday of their high school career.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Eldorado High School

A good student who wants to learn at a good school. The teachers are nice and the food is good. It''s a small town school with small class size for better learning opportunities.

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