What are your minimum requirements for a masters' degree?


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You might want to look at our Princeton University Graduate School profile which has lots of great information about advanced degrees at Princeton University, many of which have different requirements depending on the degree you intend to pursue. that said, Princeton has a standard set of requirements for all advanced degree programs:

Administrative Standing Requirement

Students are to be in good administrative standing with the University to be awarded an advanced degree. They must be enrolled for or, if enrollment has ended, continue to hold degree candidacy, and their accounts with various offices and departments must be settled.

All enrolled candidates for an advanced degree are required to complete Academic Year Sign-In annually and must also participate in the annual reenrollment process in the spring in order to be continued in an enrolled status in the next academic year.

Residence Requirement

The Graduate school is a community of scholars engaged in ongoing research, discussion, and scholarly exchange. Accordingly, except as approved by their departments and the Graduate School, candidates for advanced degrees are expected to be present on campus a majority of days per week for the academic term or year in order to use University resources to fulfill degree requirements and objectives. All candidates for the advanced degree must spend at least one year in residence in Princeton or the vicinity. Ph.D. candidates must be in residence for at least one academic year before standing for the general examination.

Full-time Study Requirement

Except for certain final, professional master’s degree programs that allow qualified students to study on a part-time basis, graduate study at Princeton is a full-time commitment. Graduate students are expected to pursue degree-related work and make use of University resources throughout the year, including the summer months.

Program Requirements

Program requirements vary by department and may include coursework, proficiency in foreign language(s), and exercises or preliminary exams. Students should address inquiries about departmental requirements to the appropriate director of graduate studies (DGS). Subject to departmental rules, Ph.D. students who have not fulfilled program requirements ordinarily will not be admitted to the third year (fifth term) of enrollment and may not sustain the general examination.

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The Princeton Graduate School does not set a minimum GRE score or GPA required for applicants to be considered. Rather, it varies between departments. You'll have to check with the specific department you're interested in. Check the admissions website for further information.

Many times, applications committees shy away from setting 'minimums' because each student differs and there might be extenuating circumstances causing lower scores. However, you should be able to find (or call to ask) what the average scores are.

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