Would you recommend attending Viroqua High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Viroqua High School, Class of 2016

As I already mention in my previous questions, Viroqua High has drastically shaped my into the person I am today. The person who stands before me in the mirror, the person who I have to wake up every morning, the person I call me. Attending Viroqua obviously was not my decision, but words cannot describe how thankful I am of my parents choices. My father graduated from Viroqua back in the day and it is evident there must have been a connection with the environment within the school to have your own child attend. Every parent just wants what is best for their child, and I fell they have should not be disappointed with their decisions, especially this one. Coming from a senior at Viroqua, my stay has been one of a kind and I would not trade that away. Starting with the staff, almost all having years of experience in front of the class have made the time fly. Sending good vibes from their classrooms, they are my leading factor in recommending Viroqua to others. "You cannot prove a negative", words spoken to me by one of my teachers really hits home and keeps me moving up the hill and onto another day. Another day filled with positive regard from my peers, another day challenging my fears, another day not waisted at Viroqua High.

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