When is a day of register ? What is it require?


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Any user can register for the required resources and questions about online thesis writing questions. Lot of tips they were given in the following process to create better reviews.

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Hello there! Check out the link below for all the information you need!

Registration Forms


What Documentation Do I Need to Register?

Bring the following documents:

Proof of Residency: TWO FORMS REQUIRED (current documentation) Parents who are homeowners (choose 1): property tax bill, fire tax bill, water bill, new purchase and sales agreement. Parents who are renting (choose 1): lease agreement or rent receipt with your name and address and landlord’s name and phone number. Both homeowners and renters (choose 1): gas, electric, cable or cell phone bill or credit card statement. Please be advised we cannot accept licenses, vehicle tax bills or mortgage statements. Proof of Birth: Original Birth Certificate or Passport for each child you are registering. Immunization Records for each child with month, day and year of shots for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTP); polio; varicella (chicken pox) or proof of disease; rubella, measles and mumps (MMR); Hepatitis B vaccine; proof of hearing screening; proof of vision screening; and proof of lead screening test; OR a certificate from a licensed physician stating that your child is not subject to immunization for medical reasons. Please be advised that baby books are no longer accepted. Please Note: bring your child's most recent Report Card and/or Transcript when enrolling in the new school.

Good luck with the registration process!

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