My son is 6 and in first grade with what I think is a slight stutter. Can you, or do you know of anyone who can help?


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You can reach Bianca M. by clicking the "contact tutor" button at the top of her profile. The button will take you to a separate page with more information about her.

Another tutor, Teresa F., is based out of Old Bridge, NJ and has been a speech therapist for over 20 years.

You may also be interested in this search result that offers a blend of learning materials, articles and tutors that focus, in some way, on stuttering.

If you're interested, there's also a topic page devoted to speech disorders with more general resources and advice.

Lastly, I found a list of referrals for speech therapists in New Jersey from The Stuttering Foundation. You should take some time to explore the website more, as it has a variety of resources on stuttering and how to help those who suffer from it.

It's great that you're already being so proactive. Good luck and feel free to ask more questions if you need!

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