I need to take a medical leave of absence from college, but I'm worried it will affect my funding somehow. My financial aid statements said you only get four consecutive years of aid and then it stops. Is there anything I can do to prepare, or anybody I should talk to before I make my decision to go on leave?


Kendra Whitmire, Writer and Tutor

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Most financial aid programs have stipulations in place for medical leaves and other necessary absences from your study so that it does not affect your aid, or has as small an impact as possible. However, it significantly depends upon from where you are receiving your financial aid, such as the school, a private scholarship, or federal loans.

It is best to discuss the situation with your financial aid adviser at your university to see what type of programs are in place. You may also need to talk directly with the sources of finance, but I would initially make an appointment with your financial aid adviser at your school. He or she will ensure you complete all the necessary paperwork for your absence so that it minimally affects your financial situation.

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