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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Hood College?


Anonymous, Student, Hood College, Class of 2018

1) Free Laundry 2) Free T-SHIRTS 3) World-Class Quality Teachers who are extremely passionate in their subject.

Anonymous, Student, Hood College, Class of 2017

The number one reason to attend Hood is for the education. With small class sizes, exceptional professors, and a nationally recognized name, Hood can offer you an education you can be proud of and one that looks really great on a resume! My #2 reason to go to Hood is for the community. Even though our school is really diverse, the school pride creates a really welcoming campus. Everywhere you look, students are wearing school colors, representing their sports teams, and participating in campus activities. Lastly, attend Hood for its amazing location. There are very few schools where you have the proximity to so many amazing places. Both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are less than an hour away and Frederick is just a short walk from campus. But if you're looking for a quieter way to spend your time, we are surrounded by cute little towns, parks, and country roads. Hood's location is really the best of all worlds.

Anonymous, Student, Hood College, Class of 2017

Hood College is one of the most beautiful colleges around. It is full of history, tradition, and is focused on progress. Also, the professors are all very helpful, dedicated and responsive when you need advice or someone to talk to when the stress of school becomes too much. Finally, Hood is a community. It is not a bunch of students thrown together and put through the corporate education process, but a place where friendships blossom, life long friends are made, students and staff come together as one, and life long lessons are learned both inside and outside the classroom.

Anonymous, Student, Hood College, Class of 2017

Outstanding internship experience, small class sizes, and one-on-one guidance from the professors and staff.

Anonymous, Student, Hood College, Class of 2016

The first reason to attend Hood is the academics. We have some of the most helpful professors and the class sizes are small so you get a personal relationship with the professors. The second reason, a rising freshman in college should attend Hood is because we have the best student body! Hood is very accepting and really leaves you free to find who you are throughout college. Lastly, Hood helps you along every step of the way. Our Career Center is amazing with helping to find volunteer opportunities or internships, or even helping with mock interviews for a career. A student will not feel lost at Hood.

Anonymous, Student, Hood College, Class of 2015

Hood College is perfect for those who don't want to attend a large school, Hood College is centrally located between Baltimore and D.C. for lots of opportunities, and Hood College is affordable.

Anonymous, Student, Hood College, Class of 2018

Should like a small school atmosphere. Have a need to learn and experience new information and activities. Have the potential to be a big fish in a small pond.

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