Describe the type of student who should attend San Joaquin Delta College. Why?



Everyone says that San Joaquin Delta College is a horrible school, but it is really great for families that cannot afford a four year university straight out of high school. It gives students extra time to save money for a four year university. The first couple of years of school are mainly general ed classes which is the same at every school. It is a lot smarter to attend a cheaper school to get your general ed classes out of the way. With the being said the students that should attend San Joaquin Delta College should be students that want to higher their education and go to a four year. These students should be driven to make a difference in peoples lives and encourage others to do the same.

Anonymous, Student, San Joaquin Delta College, Class of 2016

San Joaquin Delta College is a great community college for students to get all of their general education classes done in an inexpensive way. This community college also has fantastic teachers that are genuinely there to help you to succeed!

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